Where does EndNote store shared library files?


Over the last few months I have been building a library for a research project and I want to share the library with some colleagues. The process of sharing the library itself has worked fine (Mac version). I shared the library and they opened it in the desktop version.

However, there are some aspects of the sharing I don’t understand. Firstly, when you click ‘File, Open Shared Library’ and access a shared library is that library downloaded to the hard drive of the person who opened it? Or does the user have to download that shared library every time they reopen EndNote? If the library is downloaded pernanently where is the library file stored? 

The issue we have is that the libray contains a large number of PDFs and has been taking a long time for users to download it fo the first time, subsequent times they open the library it opens quicker, but it has not been instant. I am aware that individual users could save a copy of the shared library, but we would prefer if the library would update automatically with any changes when they open it.

Many thanks,