whole list of citation doubling after citing,Endnote bug?


I am using endnote X7 in word. There is a reoccuring problem when I cite an article. When I implement the new citation it is added to the citation list at the bottom of the manuscript (as it should be) and then, for some reason, it copies all the previous existing citations of the manuscript and adds it once again to the manuscript. So the whole citation list basically copying itself and by that doubling each time I implement a new citation (or delete a citation , it does not matter). This is somewhat time consuming, especially if your citation list is rather long. Can anyone help?

Thank you


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It is possible that your document has corrupt field codes in it.  We have a FAQ on our web site that gives the steps to remove all of the field codes and clean up the document.  You should first make a backup of your Word document and then follow the steps in the FAQ at: