Why is APA 6th edition so complicated and how can I make Endnote like APA

Hey all,

So APA 6th is very complicated as we all know and I have made minor adjustments to the Endnote output style; however, there is one scenerio that I can’t find a solution for.

In APA when you cite an ariticle you cite the last name of the author and the year. Endnote can do that! Perfect.

The problem is APA asks you to remove the year when you cite the name of the author you are refering to has been cited once and now it appears outside of parentheses. so here is an example:

“Smith (1929) stated that … Smith also believed that we need to…” 


“Smith et al. (1945) conducted many studies… Smith et al. were very disappointed…”

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how I can remove the year and the paranthesis. Endnote 7 has the option to remove the year but the author will be in the paranthesis so my examples will look like this:

“Smith (1929) stated that … (Smith) also believed that we need to…” 


“Smith et al. (1945) conducted many studies… (Smith et al.) were very disappointed…”

I understand that I can remove both the year and the author, but that is not convinient as 1. I have to type the name of the authors and 2. (and most importantly), the citations will not be updates if I remove the citations or change the citations before the one I edited (Hope that makes sense!!!)

So I need your help! How can I remove the year and the paranthesis and still keep the author (without using the prefix or the suffix options)