Output style for Ecology & Society

My researcher is using the following to cite a journal article reference, using an output style he wrote for the journal Ecology and Society.

Author Year. Title. Journal Volume(Issue):Pages.| [online] URL:|

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The first problem is [online] appears even when there is no URL in the reference.

The second problem is the journal publisher wants this ([online] URL):

Bissonette, J. A., and I. Storch. 2002. Fragmentation: is the message clear? Conservation Ecology 6(2):14. [online] URL: http://www.consecol.org/vol6/iss2/art14/.

but we get [online] and no ‘URL:’:

Girvan, M. and M. E. J. Newman 2002. Community structure in social and biological networks. PNAS 99(12):7821-7826. [online] http://www.pnas.org/cgi/content/abstract/99/12/7821

Can anyone help with a style for Ecology and Society that works? Guidelines here: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/submissions.php#guidelines

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Problem correction:

The first, one needs to insert “link adjacent” and between anything you don’t want to show up unless the URL field is occupied.  Second you want to use accent graves around the URL that is “literal” and not to be replaced with the URL field.  So the chosen fields (I edited the electronic Journal reference type) are:

Author Year. Title. Periodical Title|_*_Volume|.*Pages|.*[online]*URL*URL|.

Where the asterisks are inserted field “link adjacent” and the | are the forced separations. 

Can anyone provide me an output style for Ecology and Society? I can only find the style from Refwork etc., but not Endnote!

It says in author guidelines

Literature cited  - In general, use Harvard Referencing System. 

  • Each citation in the text must be included in the Literature Cited section.
  • Every reference in the Literature Cited must be referred to in the text.
  • The list should conform in sequencing and punctuation to that found in recent issues of Ecology and Society.

Hence, I would try that?  

Harvard.ens (25.7 KB)