What is the best template to introduce Wikipedia links or similar and get this output:

Progressive Medical Education. Wikipedia. July 8, 2008. Available at: http://en.wikipedia.
org/wiki/Progressive_education. Accessed July 9, 2009.

Thank you


The Wikipedia import filter created by our Content department imports Wikipedia entries using the Web Page reference type.  If you happen to be manually creating similar library records, I would suggest using this same Web Page ref type.  To define a Web Page bibliography template to get an output that matches your example, I would suggest inputting the following:

Title|. Publisher|. Last Update Date|. Available*at:*URL|. Accessed*Access Date|.

Note: Where the asterisks appear in my sample template, you would use the “Link Adjacent Text” character within EndNote.  The Link Adjacent Text character appears as a diamond within the output style template.

Please try this on your computer and let me know if my sample template works for you.

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Thanks for your reply. I did not know this template was there…

However, how do you save a wikipedia entry to export it in a format that can be imported to Endnote. I do not see this option in Wikipedia as it is in Pubmed etc…