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I am having difficulty creating citations for Wikipedia. Below is the two samples:

  1. The current citation in my Word file using EndNote 21.2

     (Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia, 2024)

    Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia. (2024). Viet Cong. FL: Wikimedia
    Foundation, Inc. Retrieved March 11, 2024 from
    Viet Cong - Wikipedia.

  2. The citation recommended by Wikipedia:

    (Wikipedia, 2004)
    Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia* . (2004, July 22). FL: Wikimedia 
        Foundation, Inc. Retrieved August 10, 2004, from](

Any help would be appreciated.


need to know

  1. which output style you are using and

  2. which template the record is assigned to

but it is hard to get a full “author” in the bibliography and a short “author” – but once we know the above settings, we can find a work around

Hi Leanne,

I use the “APA 7th” output style and a “Web Page” Reference Type.

Thank you,



If you only use a wikipedia article occasionally, and you can generate what you want in the bibliography entry, you can alway right click, edit citation, remove author and then repeat, (right click, edit citation, more…) and then type exactly what you want as the “author” in the Prefix section of the More… options there.

However, I believe you also want to edit the output that will appear in the bibliography section. I am not exactly sure you have copied the right information for the bibliography output.

I read here: that wikipedia articles are cited differently from other web pages and should include version cited allowing the reader to go into wikipedia’s history for the exact version you are citing. APA Wikipedia entry references has similar advice. I didn’t delve into this page to figure out how else a webpage should appear: Webpage on a website references

In both cases they want the citation to be a quote of the title of the article, perhaps even a shortened form. (“Viet Cong”, 2024) [or possibly (“Viet Cong”, 2004)] and not Wikipedia, 2024?

If you are dealing with wikipedia articles and other webpages, and they are truly that different in the bibliography requirements, you may need to create a new ref type for the wikipedia articles. and then a modified template in the APA output style for that ref type.

Finally, what items are in which fields now for the web page.

This is my current web page template but I usually put the date and year in the date field.

Author. (|Year|, Last Update Date|). Title.| Publisher.| Retrieved Access Date Access Year| from| URL

for a wikipedia page – you might want Title.| (|Year|, Last Update Date|). Publisher.| Retrieved Access Date Access Year| from| URL - and then you could use “Viet Cong”, as the author name in the record, which would be used in the citation. This produced –

Viet Cong. (2004, March 11, 2024). Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved March 11, 2024 from

(the font differences are to force the url to remain as a url and not convert it to a link in the forum scripts).

I would probably delete the last update date from the template (or record) though, since the retrieved date provides that critical information?

If you also cite authored webpages, you would then need two different reference types and templates to achieve the two different requirements.

If you need further advice (there are “link adjacent” spaces in the template that don’t copy, for example).

this is what is in each of the webpage fields to get the above outputs, which only uses the author field for the citation – so I put in the quotes and a comma at the end to avoid endnote using just the Cong as a surname in the citation).

Thank you, Leanne, for your work. I will use your recommendation and see how it goes.

Take Care,