Can EndNote generate Wikipedia citations

Since I have all the data already in my EndNote database, can EndNote produce statements like this for Wikipedia inline citations? 

<ref name=SS2010WWDG>{{cite book | title=The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups: How They Are Difficult, Why They Are Difficult, and What You Can Do About It| last=Schuman, Ph.D.| first=Sandor| date=2010| publisher=Jossey-Bass, International Association of Facilitators| location=NYC}}</ref>

Thanks all!!! 

EndNote doesn’t have that capability built-in, but you can certainly create your own output style that will accomplish what you want it to do.  Once you’ve got the output set up, you can use the Copy Formatted command to copy the reference in that format from Endnote to your browser window.

I would recommend against using that particular output with the CWYW tools in Word – EndNote doesn’t like {braces} in formatted citations – but it should be fine for use with the Copy Formatted command or the Export command in EndNote.

Playing with it, putting a ` infront of the braces and the | seemed to work, but you will have problems with the separation of Last vs First name, as Endnote doesn’t parse them separately.  Also what happens if there are more than one author?  You would have to adapt the records and file types to separate the first and last name to achieve the linked output you showed in your template.  So my version looked something like this for a Book template.  The RefName and Author names would be edited ref type fields

<ref name=RefName>{{cite book | title=Title| last=LastNameAuthor| first=FirstName| date=Year| publisher=Publisher| location=City}}</ref>

Anyone have a version of this citation formation to post?