Will Endnote for Mac x8 Support 64-bit by Fall

Is there any official update on the release of a 64 bit mac version of Endnote?

Is there a blog for updates, there is nothing on the home page and I would expect at least a note on the home page advising that the current version is not compatible with Mac OS 10.15 with an release time frame. 

Do your team at least have a version that is working with the current beta (even if it is only in house at the moment). 

I have a large library and have been very happy with your product to this point. I have a second mac that is not for work, on that machine ALL my mission critical software  is working, the only software that doesn’t is Endnote. 

I have already been looking at other referencing software that is 64 bit, and without an official timeline for  a 64 bit mac version by the end of august. I will switch. 

Although not ideal, my work around is using Parallels and EndNote on the windows side with MS Word. In my experience Windows EN provides a better user experience anyways, so beyond 64 bit by fall discussion I’m not sure what I’m hoping for to happen. Interested in others experiences using Parallels, EN on the Mac.

I’m also using it in Parallels for the time being and the Windows version is working smoothly fpr my under that setup.

I still eagerly wait for the Mac 64bit version of EndNote though.

I’m surprised there was no beta annouced anywhere yet. If the update is to be available in the fall, now would definitively be a good time to have at least a beta out :-\


@drpsych wrote:

Interested in others experiences using Parallels, EN on the Mac.