Copy/paste an existing Endnote elsewhere in Word possible?

Getting back into EndNote after not using for a long time and my question feels so basic I can’t believe I can’t find an answer online or in the user guides. I am QA’ing independent chapters of a report each by different subject matter experts. Some of these authors were not consistent in putting EndNotes everywhere their sources were cited. Can I copy one of the existing EndNotes in the Word file and paste it in the other locations it should have been added by the author, or do I have to use the EndNote ribbon and use the Insert function from there? I know this is possible for references added in Word’s Reference Manager, wasn’t sure if it also works with EndNote. Also can’t believe there still doesn’t seem to be a way to convert Word references to EndNotes. I tried a couple of times and the results were uselessly garbled.

Do you have access to the endnote library, or are you working on a document where you depend on the “temporary library” contained in the endnote fields?

Are they “endnotes” as inserted in footnotes or intext citation which end up in one bibliography?

if intext citations, you can carefully copy a stand alone citation to another place and it should update, IF they are intext citations and IF the document still contains the endnote field information.

I am working on a document where I have access to the traveling library and an online master library that is the likely source for some of the references the author’s cited. They are EndNotes that show up as gray-shaded fields in parentheses. If I click on ‘Edit and Manage Citations’ in the EndNote tab of Word these EndNotes show up. From what you said, I can copy those parenthetical EndNotes and paste them in other text within the same document and they should be ‘live’ and connected to their data? Thank you for getting back to my question so quickly.

Yes, but if you have access to the library, try this to avoid any potentially corrupting of fields.

Make a copy of the document to a new name, “Convert the citations and Bibliography” dropdown on the endnote ribbon and select “convert to unformatted citations”, This should convert all endnote fields to curly brackets and copy the curly bracketed ones to the new locations. (I am assuming they cited it manually rather than inserted an endnote field, so you should be able to search for “et al” or maybe even regular parenthesis to find those that weren’t inserted as EndNote fields?)

(added in edit – after creating a new document and unformating it, try to update citations and bibliography, to ensure all the inserted endnote curly brackets can find the match in the library, prior to editing!)