Windows 7 and Endnote X3


I just bought EndNote X3; and I would like to complete the installation on my Windows 7 computer.

But when I begin the installation, the following message ‘file in use’ is always appearing:

“Endnote X3 installation Wizard is unable to continue due to one or more of the following application(s) running. Please close the application and click Retry, or click Exit to quit this installation. If you have closes all application(s) listed above, and this dialog still appears after clicking Retry button, please click Exit to quit this installation and try again after rebooting.”

This program is (Writer, Calc, Quickstarter, etc).

But in fact, I’m not at all using an OpenOffice program, nor other programs are running on my computer. I’ve tried it several times, but even after rebooting it doesn’t work.

Could anyone please help my, because now I cannot use EndNote at all!

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure Ooo QuickStarter is not running? If QuickStartar is running, it is indicated with a small icon at the right bottom part of task bar (in Win XP). It looks like a blue icon with two white seagulls are flying…

By default, Ooo installs QuickStarter at system start up, so rebooting will actually start QuickStarter. You need to exit the QuickStarter from right click menu from this icon.

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I am a freshman here. But I have noted that you may can give me some help. When I install endnote X3 to my windows7, there was nothing wrong, but every time I open X3, it takes me almost 2 minutes to complete openess. I don’t know what is the problem. May be due to my computer? my cpu is intel pentium T3200, 2GHz, 1G DDR2, hope for your help. thank you

it is the same version that install in windows XP, it runs so fast ,may be 2 seconds openess complete after double click. 

I don’t have Win 7, but 1G DDR2 ram sounds like underspec for Wind 7, doesn’t it? Can you upgrade/increase your RAM? 


MS Win 7 site says 1GB of RAM is (minimum) system requirement for 32bit version. Usually minimal requirement is the spec you “barely” run the OS. Typically, you need to double the spec to “comfortably” run the OS.

Although, EN may have some issues with Win 7 itself. If you can’t upgrade RAM/CPU, staying with XP would be a better idea.

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