With latest update (7.7.1), PubMed search is wonky. Big time.

Have used the same search for years without issue, and worked fine last week. Today, I updated to 7.7.1 and my pubmed search for various papers in 2016/9 now also includes a lot of papers from 2015 and many that are not at all related to the search terms. Please fix.

I noticed this before the x7.7 update.  Not sure if it is an endnote problem or Pubmed though.  If I put in the same search in pubmed, I think I get the same 21 records returned as I do with your settings in Endnote.  

((fibroid[Title]) OR uterine artery embolization[Title]) AND (“2016/9”[Date - Create] : “2016/9”[Date - Create])

I think Pubmed is returning records it shouldn’t.  

Could be PubMed, certainly. Will follow it for now.