Word 2003 footnotes into endnote

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I have several documents i made in word with references inserted as word footnotes. Is it possible to import these into endnote x4? What is the easiest way to do so? I tried export to endnote but it states that there are no references to export

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It’s very difficult to import “human-readable” typed references into endnote because there are no tags to show which parts of the reference should go into the individual “slots” of an endnote record.

I teach an endnote course which includes some information on transferring typed references in Word to an EndNote library (attached). However be aware that the main point of the document is to explain to students why it usually is too much effort to be worth doing and it would be better to search for the references online and download them into the library as clean copies.

WordConversion.txt (8.89 KB)

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