WORD References to ENDNOTE references

Our company publishes books. We had recently adopted EndNote. We have master manuscripts in WORD with reference and we’ve been trying to figure out how to export all our references from our books to a single EndNote library. Can anyone assists us?

Kevin McNulty
KMC Publishing Company

Unfortunately, EndNote™ was not designed to import information in a bibliography format. EndNote can import text files that are in a tagged data format, as well as tab-delimited files that are in the exact right format.

Some customers have had success at converting an existing text file into a tagged data file that can be imported into EndNote, however the process is difficult and may take more time than finding another source for the references, or even copying and pasting the text into new references by hand. More information on preparing text files for importing can be found in the “Importing Reference Data” section of the Help File.

As a workaround, you can attempt to add the references through other methods:

  1. You can use the Online Search command in EndNote to search for and obtain the references from various online databases.
  2. You can search for references from an online database and export them to EndNote.
  3. You can manually enter references into the library using the References menu > New Reference command.

Please see the EndNote Help file and other Training Resources for more information on how to do this.

We have steps for turning a file into a tab delimited file EndNote can import here:


Here is one tutorial which includes creating a tagged file.

and here is a tip that is semi-automatic using crossref How do I import references from a Word document into EndNote? - Ask a Librarian

and here is one using hubmed Import a Plain Text Bibliography into Endnote with this Tool | MSK Library Blog

Most of these techniques work better for journal citations than books or chapters.