Importing excel files into Endnote X2

 I am a new endnote user.I am using version X2.

I have been storing my references in an excel file in a format as shown in the attachement.I have about 150 references alrady in my file.Now I am interested in importing this file to Endnote.

Has any one tried this before?If so Please do let me know how?

I saved the excel file in atab delimited form and tried to import.But the field names didnot match I guess So it     could not import.


The EN X2 online manual has instructions for importing tab-delimited files.  Check the index under “Importing – Tab-delimited files”.

You will have to specify a reference tytpe for each record. If you have only one type of reference, you can specify that type as default. Secondly, “all field names and reference type names in the file must be identical to those in EndNote. See the List of Reference Types for a listing of all of the reference types and field names.”  Thirdly, you may wish to parse your “vol” field into volume and issue.  Your image shows volume and issue in the same column.

In my experience, converting spreadsheet or word processing files is never 100% successful. You may need to weight the time factor of trying to import your excel file versus finding the records  in an online database and importing them or using a connection database.

Good luck! 


Thanks for the help.

I was able to successfully import all my records into endnote…

There were few hiccups intially due to spelling mistakes in the field,then few due to the tab or extra spacing between the fields and then a few due to the paragraph mark in the first line was away by a few spaces(one needs to view the text file in word to confirm the location of tabs and paragraph marks).

Then finally there was a problem due to a  line break within a cell in my excel sheets and end note considered it as two different records.So finally I removed those linebreaks within a cell and then I was ble to import alll

So to sum up if we have good excel sheets we can get good endnote libraries…

Thanks once again for the help.


Sivanand Somasundaram

I’m using EndNote X3 and trying to import data from Excel-sheet. I’ve managed to create a tab delimited file of the data but when I’m trying to import nothing happens. No error messages or anything, just a short importing bar loading and then nothing. What might be the problem?

I’m having the same problem as described by wallesus, using Endnote X4. Can anyone help???

please read the above posts in this thread and follow all the instructions.

Do you have field names exactly as in endnote??

OK read up the first two posts and implement all the instrucitons then begin with a sample excel file with probably one or two records with a proper field name .then try exporting and then if you are able to handle this secific sample file then you can appropriately modify the original file.

When i click on the hyperlink for list of reference types (for a listing of field names associated with a ref type), the link is broken. can you guide me to the correct link.

 I am following the instructions byt everytime I try to import a tab delimuited file, I do not get any error msg but then the ref ref does not get imported either. Here is the info I have on my delimited file. Any suggestions

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