importing refs from excel

I have a list of references with hyperlinks to the pdf listed on an excel sheet- how can i import into my endnote file?


This is possible, but usually takes a bit of work. The Excel file needs to be saved as a tab-delimited text file, and needs to be formatted in a very exacting way in order for EndNote to import it properly with its tab-delimited import filter. There are instructions for “Creating a Tab-Delimited Format” in EndNote’s help documentation, though without knowing which version you’re using I can’t point you to the exact chapter and page in the PDF. If you reply and tell me your EndNote version, I’d be happy to do so, though.

Attached is an example of a tab-delimited text file that EndNote can import. Use this example to help you structure your text file.

I hope this helps!

endnote_test_for_import-ts.txt (207 Bytes)

endnote X5 . I have 25,000 ref on excel 2007 saved as  tab delimited. I need to export to endnote. what steps I should follow. the fields:

firlds are:

Author  Title   Journal    Volume   Issue   Pages    year