Working with Office 365 and shared documents and Endnote

Is there a best practices document that anyone has created in the last year or so, to discuss how you can effectively work with documents and insert citations when we are in the “new world” of working from home, together?  We have all these great tools, but I suspect that Endnote doesn’t “play nice” with shared documents in MSTeams for example, and co-editing even if you try to use Endnote Online and shared groups.  I don’t want to start from square one, writing any instructions up – I see this KB article that you can’t use endnote in SharePoint for example. I am worried that this means we can’t cowrite with Endnote in any shared environment. 

That pretty much makes working together from home with microsoft tools and Endnote, pretty useless?  

Decided to test.  

Two of us shared a document in Teams chat.  I found that we could both open it with desktop application and were able to add citations (from a shared library, via endnote’s library sharing capability) and write/edit and see each others work in real time (with auto-save on).  It does allow some degree of revisions and being able to step back from an change, although not quite as user friendly as tracked changes can be. Worked much better than I had anticipated.  

Any developers monitoring this discussion, and advice or pitfalls to watch out for, would be welcome!