Working with Word and loosing italics in footnote citations

Using Word 2010 Endnote 5

For some reason  I find I often loose the italics in my footnote citations that were of course made with endnote 5…

This is very worring because it may happen when I send it to a typesetter and I wont be bale to manually change back.

I dodn’t know what I might be doing in Word to alter these footnotes and I have never actually seen  it happen. Can anyone advise me please?

I know it is not a word forum but concerns my endnote footnotes.

Can someone pease help?

NB. I use a macro to change the footnote superscript to an ordingary number. I have watched carefully and no changes seem to occur during this process especially when I am adding and removing footnotes I do get addditional spacing that I have to fix manually but still retain italics. At least I don’t think this is the problem.