Handling Macros in version 8

In an earlier version

 I had a special macro that I have set up to give me superscript in the document ( and this can be done with word)

My macro is to change my actual footnote from superscript to a regular size and not superscript.It also had the setting I wanted to use.

I copied a whole lot of text from endnote  and ran the macro. Occasionally I would lose it for some reason but I could always put it up again,

I cannnot find out how to do this in version 8.  I cant find anything on using macros.  Can som eone help please?

I just want to know this specific action not the macro features etc. i am way behind in my contract.

Your assistance will be lifesaving.



I forgot you use word for this. Becayuuse I found all endnotes functions n my macro thought it was endnote. Sorry

But I am racing against the clock and cant see the tutorial I will be aasking basic questions. I hope people can help.

Will help when I can – but I am traveling a bit!  (I suspected that when I read your request, but I wasn’t in a place to test – no laptop!)