Worrying message from Word about Endnote 5 days before handing in my PhD thesis - please help

Hello.  I am using Endnote 5, with Word 2007, on my phd thesis, which is a long document of around 85,000 words. I’m checking references now.  Every time I use cite while you write, it takes about 3 or 4 mins to insert the citation, then the window showing progress on assigning hyperlinks doesn’t quite finish, and I have to cancel it to move on. 

I have just opened up word, and on opening there was a window saying it has a serious problem with Endnote.  It advises me to see if upgrades are available if I see this message again. 

I can not afford to lose my references at this stage - it would mean I would not be able to hand in my phd on my exam date.  Can anyone give me any advice on how to protect my thesis? 



Back up your thesis.  Turn off CWYW, turn off html linking, accept all tracked changes, and then follow the instructions in the knowledge base article to clean up your endnote field codes