Working with Citations in tables - Best Practice ?

Dear All,

I have several documents in which there are tables of data with a final column having the Endnote citation (Author Year).

In Word 2007 and now 2010, the addition of a single Citation takes 2-3 mins with both Endnote and Word locking up.  Each document has 100+ references and runs to 30 pages, but only runs to 400K in size.

I am not sure if its the citations in tables, or combination of Office 2010(2007) Docx / Endnote X4 or simply not doing it the most efficient way (settings ?), but its driving us mad with the amount of time we have to wait for the documents.

I have done a search and nothing jumped out at me, apologies if this has already been covered,

Any help greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance


Could you provide more information:

  1. What is the computer’s operating system?  

  2. Is the computer accessing EndNote via a network?

  3. Was the patch for EndNote X4  applied (upgrades the program to X4.0.2)?  If so, does the problem persist? 

  4. Have you tried turning off EndNote’s instant formatting CWYW option - does the problem persist?

And turn off hyperlinking.