X2 "Find Full Text" and licensing agreements


I have a question about the “Find Full Text” feature in EndNote X2. My academic institution is not yet distributing the new version, but one of our students is using a trial version of X2. He used the Find Full Text feature to download many articles–so many, in fact, that it violated our licensing agreement with a particular resource provider. Have other institutions encountered a similar problem with the Find Full Text feature?

Also, I don’t completely understand how the full text features works. Does it search for full text for items that are already in a users’ EndNote library? Or does the full text search happen before the references are imported? Given that EndNote X2 automatically imports all references from the results set, will EndNote import the full text as well?



Based on your posting,  I am checking with our library staff as to whether this would violate any of our licensing agreements.  Not at first blush, but thanks for bringing it up.   

With regard to the second part of your question, it only gets full text, if you select the records, and ask for full text. Downloading them to your library  doesn’t automatically retrieve full text articles. 

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Since onlines searching was first introduced in EndNote, we have included the following statement. This applies to all infomation downloaded into EndNote:

EndNote gives you the capability to import references from online databases and store
them in your personal EndNote libraries. Some producers of online reference databases
expressly prohibit such use and storage of their data, others charge an extra fee for a
license to use the data in this way. Before you download references from a database, be sure
to carefully check the copyright and fair use notices for the database. Note that different
databases from the same provider may have varying restrictions.

Also, EndNote X2 for Macintosh and X2.01 for Windows and Macintsoh requires users to accept a click-through agreement each time the Find Full text feature is used. See the attached screen shot.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team