Downloading PDF files from PRL and PRB


I have just tried the X2 version of EndNote. Find Full Text fearture is really useful, but:

x2 can not download pdf files from PRL or PRB. it works well, however, with Journal of Applied Physics.

Can anyone give me some hints?

My recommendation would be that you delete (empty it, not delete the list itself) your current journal terms list and replace it with one or more of the lists from which already contains the full stops. 


Thanks for your reply. But I think this might not be the problem.

I use endnote x2 to locate this article:

Direct Link between Microwave and Optical Frequencies with a 300 THz Femtosecond Laser Comb

Scott A. Diddams

Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 5102 - 5105 (2000)

I have no problem to download pdf file from firefox or IE. With endnote, “find full text” just doesn’t work.

Can anyone download pdf file from Physical Review Letters or Physical Review B?

Sorry, my answer was an answer to the wrong post!  For you problem, you need to contact tech support.  I have a few journals that find full text doesn’t work on too, although I have access to the article.  It is completx and they are still workig thru the  process for some publishers. 

Obviously, you or your institution has subscription to the full text of these journals, because you can download pdf files with IE or firefox, right? Then, the issue may be firewall setting, publisher’s full text link, etc.

I downloaded physical review b article published in 1996 with EN X2/XP, no problem. But our institution doesn’t have 2000 archives, so I don’t know.