X3 and OpenOffice - reference links cut

Hello all,

I am using Endnote X3.0.1 and OpenOffice 3.2.1. While I’m typing things work fine: I can insert references, they are automatically updated when I insert new ones, I can edit them, etc. But as soon as I close the OpenOffice file all links are cut. When I try to edit them all I get is a message saying the document contains no editable citations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a file created and saved as .doc or .odt or any other extension, the result is the same.

Has anybody else come across this? I am out of ideas.

I’ve never run across this issue where the cause wasn’t someone saving their document in the wrong format.  It will happen every time when you save the document as a .doc file, but it should never happen when you save the document as a standard .odt file. 

Insert some citations into a blank document and then right-click in the bottom left-hand corner of the window where it lists your page count.  You should see your EN citations come up in a list.

When you have saved the document as an ODT, then closed it and opened it again, what happens when you right-click on the page count area?

Hi everyone, installing endnoteX3 with Openoffice Writer 3.3 worked fine. And citation things also showed no problems. BUT: as endnote is listing a literature list I changed the style for the bibliography in endnote (I just did some bold styles and so on)

But now the problem is that OpenOffice Writer recognizes the style, also formats the literatur list, but every item in the list is recognized as a “Title 1” and not as standard text. I can change this, but evertime I reopen the document it is title 1 format again. This must be a communication problem between openoffice and endnote then. I`m getting crazy. Did anyone experience this problem and can give me a solution? I have to finish the thesis in one week!

Sorry, somehow I was not able to find the button for “new topic”