OpenOffice Writer 3.x and CWYW

HI, I hope someone has seen this problem and can help me.  A patron has Windows XP with EndNote X3 and OpenOffice write 3.x (the latest).  She originally began a document using MS Word saved as .doc She opened this in OpenOffice and EndNote did not recognize her previous citations as still linked to EndNote.  She manually reentered the citations from the EndNote library and saved the document as a .doc

The next time she opened the document in OpenOffice the citations were again no longer linked to EndNote.

Is this because she saved it as .doc? Does the X3.0.1 update fix this?


EndNote citations need to be in the un-formatted state {Name, date} to be shared between Writer and Microsoft Word - or to save and then re-edit the citations in Writer using the .doc file format. Most of this is explained in the EndNote pdf manual in “Chapter 12 - Cite While You Write with Writer”

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

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Thank you Jason. I should have looked at my manual first!