X4 Windows users - EndNote X4.0.2 for Windows now available - includes Word 2010 64-bit compatibility

EndNote X4.0.2 for Windows is now available to EndNote X4 Windows users and includes a number of improvements including Word 2010 64-bit compatibility. Find out more at

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Bad luck that the limit of 255 characters for terms is not corrected. See here for a description:


Marc Girondot

I love it! The automated update of PDF-imports’ missing fields is definitely worth an upgrade for life-science users of previous versions. Thanks! NM

They also appear to have failed to look at various issues in the opening of compressed libraries.  But at least we’re moving forward.  (I can use footnotes again!)

… unfortunately I came across a potentially serious bug: 1. I imported PDF’s into an exsiting library. 2. Most were referenced correctly from PubMed, but a significant number with valid metadata and available reference on PubMed were not. There were also a number of PDFs without metadata or reference on PubMed. 3. From within EndNote, I saved the references to a folder on the desktop. 4. I manually searched PubMed and obtained the missing references (that should have been retrieved in the first place). 5. I manually added the references saved in step 3 to the citations retrieved from PubMed in 4. 6. Now EndNote will not add these references to the open library. Even when saving them to a new library, the new library is completely empty! … WHAT IS GOING ON!