Several problems encountered after upgrading to X4 (from X1)

Hello everyone,

I just upgraded my EndNote X1 to X4, and encountered several problems:

  1. The Search Window becomes “embeded” in the Library window, and the library window changed every time I do search. Can it be on a separate window, so that I can keep my library window always the same?

  2. After search, if I decide to download from the database (PubMed), all downloaded entries go to the library automatically, before I can choose what to take or to discard. I am getting a lot more references that I don’t want. How can I prevent this?

  3. I used to have a Custom 2 field for my own note (that only I add some comments, not by EndNote). Now X4 puts some numbers in the field for SOME references. Why? How? How can I prevent this?

I am going through a lot of headaches after upgrading (it is actually THE worst upgrade that I have experienced), and I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me to solve at least the three problems.



1.  The incorporation of the search window is by design, as some users used to “lose” it.  It is not adjustable. But you can save the searches that you want to use. 

2.  You want to explore the “modes” in the upper left hand corner.  See this FAQ.  The middle and right buttons work more like the old method.  The default mode, if you change your preferences to omit duplicates, will import all matches except those that are already in the library.  - but none of us like that (implemented in X2, sorry developers!).  So they added the other modes so you can work in library only (middle) and online search only (right) buttons.  You should probably page thru the “getting started guide” installed with the software, (a copy is also here). 

3.  I am not sure why a custom field has been usurped by Endnote.  Check what it is being called now, and look at the reference type. You could remap that  with the understanding that it  One of the newer imports are the PMID numbers that NIH requires investigators to track and quote in refs. Perhaps that was reassigned to your custom field.  Tech support may be able to help you sort that out. 

As an old dog, while I was a bit unhappy with the new mechanics of the program, I managed to get used to it pretty quickly.  Explore the find full text and other newer features to get over the unexpected changes. 

Reviewing some of the “What’s New” information (my favorite site is Queensland’s)  for X2, X3 and X4will help reveal those features that might be of interest to you implemented since X1.