x5 biblography

trentlay correctly in endnot but not in my Word document (all italicised).

Hi there 

I am currently running x5. 

I copied my custom style aglc3 http://www.library.uq.edu.au/endnote/filters/uq_aglc3_X4_footnotes_plus_bibliog.ens

to my x4 build and updated reftype table.

all appeared to work well.  Now however it does display correctly in endnote but not in my Word document (all italicised).

Also the Bibliography is being repeated with multiple block copies.


The last paragraph before your bibliography doesn’t happen to be Italicized, is it?   Like References (followed by a paragraph break). 

Repeated with multiple copies (like the bibliography is being repeated again, (and again)?  I would unformat the document citations to the curly bracketed stage, delete any residual bibliography and bibliography title, and then reformat, making sure the correct style is selected and  turn CWYW back on, if necessary.