EndNote X4 and APA 6th

Hello all,

I am new to EndNote and I have a few questions about APA 6th stlye and formatting.

Is there a way to automate more of the APA 6th styles & formatting, for example, placing a book  ttitle in italyics? It wopuild seem that EndNote would follow APA 6th styles & formatting very closely IF APA is chosen. Am I reading too much into this? I am running X4, would X5 handle this better?



Well, the version of APA 6th I am using (and you can download it via the Help, webstyles finder from the endnote program and type in apa) does italicize the book title.  Are you certain the manuscript is being formatted with the APA 6th style, and that it isn’t just selected in the Endnote program (which does not apply it to a manuscript automatically?)  In Word 2007/2010 and I think in 2011) the bibliography style shows on the endnote ribbon in word.  In earlier versions of word you need to view the “format bibliography” menu to see which style is being used and change it there. 

Thanks for reply.

Inside EndNote X4, I have the APA 6th selected, but unless I manually italicize the title within ‘Quick Edits’, the Preview does not show the title italicized. Make sense?

Inside Word, I have not set APA 6th anywhere that I am aware of, but I’ll look ito that as well.



Just curious but since you said you selected the APA 6th output style, is the APA 6th appearing in the library window (see attached image)?  If not, then the APA style has not been selected which may explain the difference in font formatting (i.e., use of italics).

If the APA 6th does appear as shown in the image, then what reference type is missing the italic font?

APA 6th selection.gif

I suggest as a first step you download a fresh APA 6th and save it as APA 6th (updated) and try and apply that one.  I know the “book” reference type is italics.  You should NOT apply italics in the quick edit window, as this will obviously hardwire it in even for other styles that use other font specifications. 

Which version of Word are you using.  Once you have the new version of APA, then you need to apply that style (APA 6th (updated)) to the manuscript in word.  Knowing which version of word, will stream line the instructions for doing that.  There are other threads with pictures.  for example see this one.

My EndNote page looks like yours with APA 6th in the pull-down menu that you circled.


What do you mean by ‘download a fresh APA 6th’? A new reference correct? I just chose APA 6th from the drop-down menu.

You need to download a fresh copy of the APA 6th output style to ensure it has the correct italicized reference type information.  First in Endnote - go to Help and select Web styles finder (see image 1 attached).  then you need to type in APA on that web page (see image 2 attached) and search.  Select the first match and the download button.  It will ask if you want to open the file or save it.  You want to open the file, which should open in Endnote, and then File Save as and rename it to APA 6th (updated). 

Now go back to the word document and depending on what version of Word you are using, you need to change the Document’s Output style to use this newly downloaded one. 

Instructions to do that differ for different versions of Word.  If you have a ribbon version of Word, there should be an Endnote tab, and that tab should reveal the output style currently in use in the document.  you want to change that to the newly named APA 6th (updated).  You may need to view all styles if it isn’t there in the dropdown list. 

You can also change the endnote program to show that style if you like so you can check the preview again.  See attached for a view of a Word 2007 document ribbon set for Cell-all authors output style while the EndnoteX5 program is set for “Annotated”. 


It appears to me that something is not consistant. I am referring to an article in a journal. While working only in EndNote X4 (not in Word), with APA 6th checked in main window, why are each word of the article title cap’ed when it’s previewed? Some seem to be correct per APA 6th but most are always cap’ed. Am I the only one seeing this? Am I using it wrong?



So in the first message you were talking about Book titles not being italicized.  Now we are talking about Journal article titles being all caps.  I suspect you have downloaded and kept the cap information in your record.  APA 6th, out of the box, is set to leave titles as entered.  If you want them to be converted to lower case (sentence format) you need to change that setting in the output style, by editing the out put style and unticking that box (see attached image).  

I attach a version where that change has been implemented. 

Be warned, if there are proper nouns or other terms that need to be capitalized they will need to be added to a “change case” list in the Edit>Preferences options.  see second attached image. 

change case.gif
APA 6th Sentence (Style Cap titles).ens (60.5 KB)

thanks so much