X5 PDF View - Compression Issue

I posted another thread last week about PDF’s with distorted image on X5 - NO FINAL SOLUTION.

Then, I contacted the company who created the PDF file, and discovered that some PDF’s from old documents were created using JPEG2000; based on their information, I’m wondering if the PDF manipultor being used by Endnote have the capability to read PDF’s with such a compression, or if this can be added on a future update.

Could you add a screen shot of this same PDF in the Apple “Preview” application?

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks for your inquire. As you can see, it only works on Adobe Reader or Professional.

Hmm. We can certainly look into this but I am not really sure we have too many options to improve anything. We use the same Apple PDF viewer toolkit for the Macintosh version of EndNote as Apple uses for their own Preview app; per Apple’s own developer guidelines. Apple would need to make changes to their tools before we could add them into EndNote.

Regardless, thanks for the details and follow-up postings.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team