X7 and "quick" search

The " quick search" in X7 Windows seems stuck on searching everything including wihtin pdfs. With thousands of pdfs in the library, it is impossible to use and it is the exact opposite of “quick”. 

I saw this exact problem mentioned in the “Product Suggestion” forum but I am opening a thread here for a couple of reasons:

  1. In case others like me had been searching this forum because I never thought this would be a new “suggestion” to begin with.
  2. A moderator in the other thread says that it is an easy fix and has a screenshot of the Mac version where indeed there is a dropdown menu for choosing quick search options. This seems missing in Windows and the OP in the other thread points that out. That was several days ago and Endnote is yet to confirm that indeed this is yet another bug.

Mods: can we at least have a confirmation that this is a general problem for Windows versions? I am not even dreaming of being informed a when it could be fixed (I have learned not to expect that around here).   

The quick search being the oppositee of quick and it looking for broken attachment with every single import (and in my case it wrongly detects that too), I might have to downgrade back to X6 just to be able to work.

I hope other frustrated users can see that it was not their installation that is problematic regarding “quick [sic] search”.

I agree very much and I’m disappointed the there is no respons in these two matters from the EndNote moderators!

I have stopped using the quick search in X7 due to the forced pdf search.

Best wishes

Jan Ove