Make pdf/pdf notes search optional for the Quick Search

In X7, the quick search will now also search attached pdfs. This is not an improovement for users with large libraries and many pdf’s - and especially in biology. I have so far used author names in quick search to quickly find articles by an author. In X7, this is more difficult and I get a lot of extra articles because the search will find the author name in the reference list of other articles and in addtion in the scientific name of biological taxa where author name is a part of the name together with the Latin name.

So please make this feature optional so that it is possible in the future to omit quick search in pdf files in the library.

PS! Yes, I know I can solve my problem by using author search in advanced search, but the point of the quick search is to have a quick tool to find your literature without any extra clicks!


Jan Ove

You can easily change this by using the arrow in the Quick Search field to search a different field - as shown in the attached screen shot. Please remember that changes like this are based on input from thousands and thousands of customers and validated by beta testers before we release them. Meaning, in this case, that many other users have asked us to make the Quick Search default include the PDF and Notes content.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks for the info Jason, but this option is not available in X7.0.1 for Windows. Clicking the arrow will only show previous search words (see figure attached). Am I misunderstanding something or is this function for Mac only? Please advice.

I know that this issue is wanted by some users, thats why I asked for an option to change this and not removing it. But in my case it is not a positive update.