Help resolve buggy searches on mac endnote X7

Hi folks,

First time poster here. This issue has frastrated me for a while, and my searches of solutions to it on the web haven’t turned up much.

I use my Quick Search bar a lot, because my endnote research library is nearly nearly 20,000 entries, and I try use the same library for all my projects.

Lately, the quick search brings up whatever I want, but after some time the displayed searches revert back to showing the full listing of my library, which is annoying when I am in a moment of editing a few isolated refs.

Please note I’ve been using EN across various versions since 2006, but this is a recent issue for me on EN X7.4 on my mac

I’ll also add that this jump-to-all refs issue also occurs when I am have used the “Show Selected References” option.