X7 references with HTTPS URLs are sometimes not hyperlinked in Word 2013

Please see the attached text file for a description of the actual problem. Every time I try to post the message text to the formum, the website produces an error message that says

Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied.

The message I wrote does not contain HTML markup, so this error message is nonsense.
Message.txt (1.74 KB)


just had the same problem… Thomson Reuters, please fix this.



I am having the same problem with Word 2013, including when the https URL does not end with a /

I’m having the same problem here using MS Word 2010 and EndNote X7.2. However, if the URL proper starts with www, only the https section doesn’t turn into a hyperlink, the reste of the URL does.