URL starting with https is not hyperlinked automatically in word

I have noticed that addresses starting with “https://…” are not automatically hyperlinked (turned blue and underlined) in word 2013 in the bibliography section of a document. The addresses starting with “www…” are. It is even stanger that addresses starting with “https”//www…" only the "www…"part is hyperlinked. The same problem occurs also with the doi of bibliography entry, it doesn’t hyperlinked automatically. I am trying to avoid the manual hyperlinking of all these addresses!!!

Thank you!!

I have the same issue… some of the URLs in my bibliography are hyperlinked and some are not.  I can’t figure out how to control this.  Have tried adding http:// or https:// in front of URLs without.  Tried adding www.  to URLs (but some URLs that don’t begin with www. are hyperlinked).  Tried adding a space after the URL (this works in Word to turn a URL into a hyperlink).  Nothing seems to make a difference.   Would love to see an explanation of how EndNote determines which URLs are hyperlinked and which are not. 

Would you mind explaining what links you are having problems hyperlinking, i.e. give an example of a couple URLs that doesn’t work. I have recently found that URLs containing special characters, such as å, ä and ö, won’t be hyperlinked. Aside from that all of my URLs have been correctly hyperlinked in Word.