X7 and PDF storage

I see that the recently released X7 offers some new options for handling PDFs. If I use the sync feature with online EndNote, will PDFs also sync, and be available on all computers on which I run EndNote? Or are PDFs stored only on the local hard drive in the directory structure I choose for them?

Hi akilleen,

Yes, your PDFs will sync from your X7 desktop installation to EndNote online. Then, if you install X7 on another computer, your references and PDFs will sync via EndNote online to your second and third desktop install (if you wish). The same goes for EndNote’s iPad app, your references and PDFs will sync from EndNote online to be made available there too. PDF downloading is done on a selection basis on the iPad, due to memory and caching limits. 

Hope this helps,

Meredith M.

Dear Meredith

I have enabled the pdf handling option in X7 to autorename my pdfs from a designated folder. X7 scans and imports my pdfs as unfiled references but the file names do not appear to have changed and are not following the naming options set in X7 preferences (Author+Year). I am not sure what this feature is supposed to do. I had a very organised library where I had all my pdfs linked to my references. I was hopeful that this would make this easier, but it appears to just make things a whole lot more messy?

Do you know how this pdf hanlding function is meant to work?


The best way to answer your question is probably to let you see it in action:


That training video gives a brief view of how the PDF rename function works. If this doesn’t clarify it for you, please reply and let me know what exactly you’re seeing happen, and what you were expecting instead.

I hope this helps!


I’m finding the rename PDF function in x7 very useful, but I’m wondering if there is a way to force rename all the PDFs stored online, so that the changes will also have an effect on my iPad? This could be useful when emailing references from the iPad to colleagues. Is there are a way to do this short of deleting the entire online library and uploading everything again? If I were to do this last thing, how would you recommend I go about it without accidentally deleting stuff from my computer as well? What is the correct order of steps needed to be taken to force update my entire online library, including PDF names?