Possible solution to X8 syncing problem after upgrade (error 504 on Mac under Sierra, but might generalize)

I updated from X7 to X8 yesterday and initially couldn’t get my ~7K item library to sync with Endnote Web.  Kept getting error number 504, whatever that is.  Bummer. :cry:

However, after I restarted my computer, I tried syncing again. This time, I just left my computer alone for the 5 minutes or so the first sync took.  Everything worked great.  Not sure which action, if either, fixed things.  Since then, I’ve been able to sync per normal without any problems.

Perhaps this will help someone.

In passing, it’s been a pleasure to see the EndNote staff so active on the forums of late.  It may just be a misperception on my part, but the level of engagement seems to have increased recently. Regardless, it is much appreciated.

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Hi ghoetker,

Yes, if you see errors in a program it’s always advisable to reboot the computer first to see if that will fix it.

Thank you so much!

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