XML Export Problem

Hi — I need to export an XML file for use with NVivo.

I’ve read that EndNote uses a proprietary XML format when an XML export is selected — from what I can see it makes no difference what output style is selected, you get the same XML file. That XML file should contain Keywords (amongst a variety of other EndNote record fiels)

PROBLEM: when I export XML from my main (4000+ records) research database the Keywords data is completely absent

even though

MYSTERY: if I copy some of the records into a new library and then run the Export XML then the Keywords data IS present

Can anyone advise me how to repair whatever is causing this problem please - hopeful someone can help.

Thank you, John


I would check if the issue could be version or platform specific.

If you are performing the steps on a MAC then try the same steps on Windows.

If you are using EndNote X9 then you could install a demo of a previous version from our website:


I might also suggest contacting Technical Support they can help in doing these tests with a copy of your library.

Please contact Technical Support directly
1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or