xml export question - embedded style info

Does anyone know how to export references to xml without all the embedded, repetitive <style> information in every field? I was trying to create a php parsing script to read EndNote exported xml, and am choking on all the extra, extraneous style info. I was hoping for a more generic xml export.

Thanks for any ideas you might have.


Have you tried using EndNote’s “Convert citations and bibliography” to text?  Another consideration is if you’re using MS Word 2007, there’s a “Remove formatting” option on the “Styles” tab - just select all the text and click “Remove formatting”.

BTW, MS Word docs can also be saved as XML files but can’t say how well that works for what you have in mind.

Thanks for your suggestions. I can also take the xml into an enhanced text editor and strip out all the <style> tags, or find a way to remove them using php (I am sort of a beginner at php though), but it would be easier if they were not there to begin with.