Exporting from EndNote Web to NVivo

Could anyone give me some advice on how I can export from EndNote Web to NVivo? I’m working with colleagues on EndNote Web on the early stages of a systematic literature review and we’ve been advised to carry out the next stage of the review on NVivo.

I’ve tried to export the references from EndNote Web by going through Format>Export references>all references in my library but this always times out. I have access to EndNote X7 and wonder if syncing with EndNote Web could help. I’m a bit cautious about trying to do so in case it syncs EndNote Web with Endnote desktop and deletes all of the online references to match my empty desktop library.

You could set up your desktop to sync with your Endnote online account but this isn’t necessary. From your description of the export process it sounds like you didn’t designate the “Export Style” format. Click the pull down menu and you can select from several file formats. Since you want to import the records into NVivo you should first check which of the listed file formats Nvivo will accept for importing.

Thanks for the advice. Sorry but my original question was incomplete because I failed to mention that I’ve tried to export both using EndNote Export and RefMan (RIS) Export file types. In both cases exporting times out and I get the message ‘Gateway Timeout. The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server’.

I’m not sure if either EndNote Export or RefMan (RIS) Export file types would open in NVivo because I can’t download them in order to try. Everything I’ve found online about exporting from EndNote to NVivo refers to the desktop version and not EndNote Web. In particular, it’s recommended to export XML files from the desktop version of EndNote to NVivo. I haven’t found anything specifically about exporting from Endnote Web to NVivo.

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the clarification. How many references are you trying to download? It’s unusual for the download to timeout. Does your ISP or institution place limits on the size of files or downloading to institutional computers (suggest checking with IT)?

In any event, these issues are probably moot because if you need to obtain an .XML file format, that is not one of the available formats available in EndNote Web. However, Endnote desktop can export the references as an.XML file. So the issue now becomes downloading the Endnote web references to the desktop which involves syncing. For an overview on syncing refer to the knowledge base article http://endnote.com/kb/122170 which includes two videos.

Generally speaking, in your case if the Endnote library in your desktop is empty (no references) then you just need to set up the Sync preferences by entering your email address and password to your Endnote Web account (see attached image). The library to be synced cannot have any pre-existing references – if there are references create a new library and use that to sync to your EndNote web account. [Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Preferences >Sync.] Leave the “sync this Endnote Library” box blank, and uncheck the “Sync Automatically” option. Click the ok button and exit the dialog box.

Now to sync your Endnote web account to your desktop click the Sync button located above the search box of your library window. The sync process should begin and references from your online account should appear in your desktop library. There is no timer so it’s hard to say how long the process will take as it will depend on the number of references and attachments involved.