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I would like to export a list of citations in XML format, but only with certain fields showing (e.g. author, year, title, journal, volume, issues, pages, keywords). I tried creating a custom Output Style, but when I go to export, and Save As Type: XML, it is producing an XML document with a variety of additional fields (e.g. abstract, URL).

What could I be doing incorrectly? Am I doing this backwards, and I should be creating a Custom Reference Type with the fields I want, and then exporting that?


Can you attach your output style file? You should create a modified output style that incorporates the fields you want along with tabs skip over the unwanted fields. Also, when you export the Endnote records as an .XML did you select your modified output style as the format?

I suspect that the XML export is automatically an Endnote proprietory XML and used to be able to import back into Endnote only, but perhaps Tech Support could clarify that for you?  

If you want to export an XML specific file you have created with an output style, maybe you should just ctrl+K (copy formatted) and ctr+v to paste it into a document which you would save as .XML?  

@CrazyGecko: Please see my style file attached. And yes, I selected it during my export, which is why I am so confused (because it seems like it should just work?).

@Leanne: I will reach out to Tech Support. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing project, so the copy/paste method would be a little inefficient over time; howeverm if it’s the only way, then I could try it out for awhile.

Test Export XML Copy.ens (6.33 KB)

jrk, thanks for the output file. Examining the template’s layout showed the problem was twofold. When specifying the exporting of particular fields: 1) the field name should be based on the Generic field names (see image #1); and 2) the layout of the bibliography template should include tabs to “skip over” the unwanted fields. (Refer to image #2 which shows modifying the Tab Delimited output style file to retain fields you wanted, delete the unwanted fields, and retain the tabs.)

Attached is the modified style for you to try. Testing confirms it works but if you need some other for modification specify the change.

Tab Delimited_jrk.ens (11.3 KB)

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I exported using your “Tab Delimited_jrk” style that I put into my style folder. I also made one change, in which I added the Journal Article reference type. Upon exporting into XML, I am still seeing an abstract, and I have no idea where it is pulling it from! I am attaching photos so you can see that I am in fact exporting properly (at least I think so!).

Test Export 2.xml (12.9 KB)

You’re exporting correctly.  Looks like an additional tab was needed to skip-over the Abstracts field. Revised output style file is attached. (You’ll need to add the reference type.)
Tab Delimited_jrk2.ens (11.4 KB)

Thank you so much for your help on this. Everything is working perfectly!

I’m trying to create an XML output style with only the Title and Abstract fields in EndNote X8 using the method presented here, but it doesn’t work. Can you help me? 


I’m trying to create a custom XML export format with only the Title and Abstract field in Endnote X8, using the method suggested, but it doesn’t work (all fields are exported). Can you help me with that?