XX, 2000a and XX, 2000b - the ordering in the text

Hi, there

I have two citations with the same authors and the year of publication;

Law, Boyle, Harris, Harkness, & Nye (2000)

In my manuscript, when one of these references is first cited using Endnote X7, it appears as;

(Law, Boyle, Harris, Harkness, & Nye, 2000b)

and when the other refernece is cited later in the manuscript it appears as;

(Law…, 2000a)

Could anyone help me with changing the “a” and “b” so that the first citation is “2000a”?

Thank you

What you are seeing is dictated by the sort order of the publication, and as odd as it seems to you, this is usually what is dictated to happen by the publisher, if the sort order is followed.  Since you say the authors are identical, it may revert to the next level (title?) or the authors are not exactly identical (you might copy one set to the other).  

If you insist on the opposite,you might read the beginning of  this thread.