confusion between articles designated 2000a and 2000b

I’m using X4 and Word 2007.  When there are two references with the same citation (Jones 2000), EndNote properly assigns 2000a to the first and 2000b to the second.  However, if the order in which they appear changes with editing, the new first citation is 2000b.

“Update citations” did not work, which did not surprise me.  However,  unformatting the paper and then reformatting it did not work either.  

How can I get EndNote to forget the label it attached to these papers the first time it formatted them?

Thanks, Pat

It depends on what style you are using. In APA, for example, the order is that of appearance in the Reference List, not the order in which the in-text citations appear in the body of the text.

Are you sure you are trying to do what the style that you are using in fact requires?



Thanks very much for the suggestion.  I will check.  The style is for Marine Ecology Progress, which I have not used before.  pat