2 error messages - execution failed and 25 windows opened with message - endnote ad on.


Uing endote 5 with win 7 - 32 bit.,

I think I have a compatibility problem.

As I started to write this post I got a third message, “serious problems with endnote cite while you write add in Do you want to disable cite while you write add in and check for updates". I did. Now I had already checked for updates during my troubleshooting for the above and there are none for my programme. I just rechecked.

I have added a new macro into new global templates. There has always been an endnote macro there. I was using it successfully for several weeks.  I just looked into macros and the endnote macro is not there. I have lost it because I disconnected add ons .I think it was" endnoteformat."

 My main problem today, and the reason for the post, was that I have been getting a lot of “execution failed” messages but it didn’t seem to make any difference to what I was doing but I was looking for an explanation. First I needed to make a note of what I was doing before it occurred.


I just went to use endnote today and as soon as I selected the citation I wanted to use and  to insert in my document  25 windows opened one after the other saying "an unknown error occurred”. I couldn’t close them and had to use the task manage and saw I had 5 endnote programmes  open. Don’t ask me why as I hadn’t tried to use it until that one time.

I saved all my endnotes yesterday so I am ok. 

What is happening does anyone know? Should I do an install? Is the macro the problem? It is only a footnote macro in Word and it isn’t working anyway. In fact it stopped working the first time I tried to use another programme that uses charts. However the only reason the charts were not working was because I just needed to un- tick formatting and hidden text in Word options so it wasnt a big deal. .However  I did a chart this morning and havent used it for days.(since my problem).This is why I think it may be a compatability issue.

So it all seems to be connected. I tried to reinstall the macro and although I did it right it is not working in  a straightforward way as it was before, Now I have to reinstall cite while you write in any case.

I am tearing my hair out as the business over the macro took weeks to resolve.I thought the problem was with endnote and it was Word.

Any ideas please. I would tell you the chart programme but Idoubt if you know it.

Your assistance as always will be appreciated  Just realise I am not an expert so please use simple language…

I apologize that you have encountered these issues. I’m sure we can assist you to alleviate them.

A. In order to better assist you, we may need more specific information. Which version of EndNote do you have? Is it EndNote X5 (released 2011) or EndNote 5 (released June 2001)? The distinction is important.

Which version of Microsoft Word do you have? (Example Word 2003, Word 2007)

B. EndNote does have an add-on that it adds to Microsoft Word. This is so that the EndNote tools show up in Word and that you can use the Cite While You Write feature. Are the EndNote tools missing in Word?

If you have EndNote X5, your Bld should be 5774. You can check that by opening the EndNote program, then going to the Help menu and selecting “About EndNote.” If your Bld number is lower than 5774, then you may have to try the update again. This is important as it may resolve your “execution failed” issue.

C. You can repair the installation by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you have closed all your programs including EndNote, Microsoft Word and any other Microsoft programs.

  2. Go to the start button, click on Control Panel and select “Programs” and then “Programs and Features.”

  3. You should be able to find EndNote in the list of programs available. You will want to click on it so that it is highlighted and then click on the “Repair” button.

Please let me know if this helps or please answer the questions above.

Best regards,

Miguel Mendoza

Hello Miguel

Thank you.  I am using endnote x5.1 2011 BID 5774  with Word 2010

.< EndNote does have an add-on that it adds to Microsoft Word. This is so that the EndNote tools show up in Word and that you can use the Cite While You Write feature. Are the EndNote tools missing in Word?>

 No, as I said I disabled the cite wile you write in my Word programme. It appears to still be there in the files.

I did the repair and when I went back to start.  I noticed I had windows updates to be done… And there were 4,000 registry keys to be updated. This is a normal windows update.

I don’t know if it works because I have forgotten how to put endnote onto the ribbon. I went into the getting stated guide and couldn’t do anything about how to just add it to the Word ribbon. It is a full installation

I looked into macros and no endnote files there. Normally lots of files there. Nothing in global template.

Because of the time difference I will have to go back to my Australian support person.

Do you think I have a compatability  issue?.

Many thanks

In order to have the EndNote ribbon show up in Microsoft Word, please perform the following steps.

  1. In Microsoft Word, click on the File menu and select Word Options.

  2. Click on Add-Ins.At the bottom of the right hand side screen; it has the word “Manage” and a drop down box.

  3. Select “Disabled Items” and click on the Go button.

  4. If EndNote is listed, highlight EndNote and then click on the Enable button. You will  then have to restart Word, this will make the EndNote ribbon appear again.

  5. If EndNote is not listed then select “Word Add-Ins” and click on the Go button. Under the Templates tab, make sure that EndNote CWYW.dom has a check mark. Click OK and then restart Word.

  6. You can also click on Manage “COM Add-Ins” and click on the Go button.

  7. Make sure that EndNote Cite While You Write ahs a check mark.

This will make the EndNote Ribbon appear. If for any reason it does not, please let me know.

Best regards,

Miguel Mendoza

Hi Miguel

oH you are awake.

Thank you for your reply.

I can see the problem now.  I have about 30 inactive endnote files here. I think when I was working with my macros it duplicated them that is why I had so many windows opening. I don’t have an endnote file that I can add on.

I need a technical fix so I can send screenshots. I have an email to austraila was just about to send so if you dont mind I will see what he can do for me today adn I can give him this new information.

Many thanks. It is easier and at worst I can phone them.

Once again thank you for your assistance.

kind regards 

Hello Miguel

I disabled the coite while you write items and it is now working. I was unable to send you the screenshot or you would have seen. So it is ok now thanks