Citing web pages

I am citing several web pages from one source that I will call ABC.  In the library and bibliography they all show up separately, as follows:

ABC. Page 1.   Retrieved from http…ABC/Page01

ABC. Page 2.   Retrieved from http…ABC/Page02

ABC. Page 3.   Retrieved from http…ABC/Page02

Where I cite them in the text they all show up as (ABC).

How do I identify which page I am citing in the text?

Thanks, PelicanPete.

What output style are you using?  Could you attach it, if it has been modified from the Endnote .ens file library?  

This may require the citation template include the “Cited Pages” field, which many styles do not contain by default or that the field containing ABC also contain the page number as a part of it.   But I am not certain without more details.  

Thanks for your reply.  I note that you are a Guru!  I am not, having only started using EndNote about a week ago.

I am using APA 6th.  To the best of my klnowledge I have not made any modifications to its default settings, and do not know where to look for a .ens file.

Thanks again for your help.  Peter.

Okay, APA 6th does have cited pages, so you would right click on your citation, edit citation,  more, and put the page in the “Pages” box.  But where is the ABC text and where is the “Page 1” in the record itself (assuming Web ref type). If ABC is in the title, then it would be in quotes in a web template?