6.0.1 vs Word Mac 14.2.5 Issue

Installing th 6.0.1 update to EN made it non-functional with Word 14.2.5 (2011) on my Mac (10.8.2).

Re-installing 6.0 restored functionality.

Hello Enyap0001

There can actually be an issue on some machines where installing EndNote X6.0.1 will remove the EndNote Addin from Word.  This should be easily resolved by the following…

1)  Quit Word 2011

2)  Open EndNote X6.0.1 program

3)  Click the EndNote menu

4)  Click “Customizer”

5)  Once the Customizer is up, check the first box…  “Cite While You Write”

(The other boxes are inconsequential at this point.)

6)  Click Next twice until the system processes the customization requests.

When the process completes, and Word is restarted, the tools should appear and function normallly.

I do hope this helps.



We are currently beta testing a release designed to specifically address the “EndNote is not responding : error -1712” when using EndNote X6 with Word 2011 on OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion. No other updates or new functionality will be included in this release.

Before participating in beta testing, you should understand the following: • EndNote X6.0.1 must already be installed on your Mac and you must be running OS X 10.8.2.

• The beta release will replace your current version of EndNote X6. Beta releases will time out at the conclusion of the beta cycle and you will need to reinstall X6 (instructions will be provided).

• Installing the beta release will not change your current preferences (customized reference types, sync, duplicate checking, etc.) • While we make every effort to ensure stable beta releases and do perform testing prior to public release, it is not possible to test every “real world” scenario that may occur. By nature, beta software may cause crashes and is not intended for use with time-critical projects.

• Beta testing should never be performed using “live” customized content (libraries, Word documents, output style files, etc.). Always work with copies of customized content when beta testing.

If you understand the points above and would like to participate, please send an e-mail to rs {dot} betacoordinator {at symbol} Thomson.com that includes your full name and e-mail address plus the serial number of your current version of EndNote (found in Help, About EndNote). We will send further instructions after the e-mail is received.

Best regards,


The Thomson Reuters EndNote Team

Thank you for posting this–it helped me.

I know it’s not trivial to roll out fixes super quickly with testing them and all, but you should at the very least update the ‘readme’ if you haven’t…  If this will affect all mac users with word 2011 and recent OSX…then it will hit a large proportion of users.

This bug, along with the memory leak (or whatever it is that is slow endnote performance that is cured with reboot) are really soiling my mac endnote experience.  Which is a shame because it’s otherwise the best version of endnote I’ve used.

The rumor is that Apple is going to release 10.8.3 shortly. There have been about 5 development cycles seeded to developers so far.  Have you guys at Endnote tried it, and if so, does it address the 1712 problem? I have the invitation to try this beta release of Endnote, but I’m happy to wait a bit longer for Apple to correct the underlying problem in the OS.