Can't find the error in my template...

Hi all,

I’ve written my own Output Style for Endnote, although I must admit I’m a bit inexperienced and a lot of it was trial and error. 

The template I have for Book Section is:

Author (Year) Title in |Editor ( ed.^eds. )| (Year) Book Title| (Edition)| (pp. Pages)|. Place Published:| Publisher

Unfortunately, when the Edition field is blank and the Pages field is complete, I get an ugly double spacing between Book Title and Pages.  I just can’t figure out why…

Any ideas?


You need judicious use of “link adjacent” characters along with the separation characters to avoid spaces being included when the field is blank.  Since any copy and paste step from this message doesn’t retain those, I created a blank output style with just this template and attached in the zip file.

Copy and paste the template in this output style to your output style and save and try it.  You may want to remove the trailing period, which I think should be there at the end, but you didn’t show in your text. (1.09 KB)

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Sorry, I realise now that pasting it lost some of the formatting.  But thank you, Leanne.  I really appreciate you taking the time to do that.  With a few tweaks it’s working as I want now. :slight_smile: