A Way to Change Parentheses to Brackets Depending on Context

I understand that this request may be a stretch, but it is an issue I have run into frequently when using Endnote and Chicago style. Here is an example of a properly formatted footnote I have made up:

  1. After he says that he must “argue for reason,” he explains how this argumenation is done: “This system will test the truth claims of science” (Wolfhart Pannenberg, Systematic Theology [trans. Geoffrey W. Bromiley; 3 vols.; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1991-1998], 1:18-19). 

Currently in Endnote, there is no way for me to create such a footnote without going back and changing the parenthesis around “(trans. Geoffrey W. Bromiley; 3 vols.; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1991-1998)” to use brackets instead. The problem is that Endnote has no way to recognize that the citation is already occuring within a parenthesis and thus automatically change the parentheses to brackets. 

I can think of two possible solutions:

  1. Create a way for Endnote to check the space directly before and after a citation to see if a parenthesis is already there. If so, then it could automatically change interior punctuation to brackets and move the final period.

  2. We could have a check-box that would enact such a change.

As I said, I know this may be a stretch, but I would use such a feature often. 

Any update on this? 

As just another user, I doubt this would make it to the top of a list for updates, as no one else seems to have added their vote to the request?