Square brackets inside parenthesis


Sorry if my question has been already answered but I browsed around and did not find it.

My question is:

Is it possible to use square brackets for the endnote citation inside a section of the text that is in parenthesis?

Something like this: “…can be found in this place (Paris, France [Jones 2000]), and that place (New York, USA [Howell 2008])…”.

So I do not want to use square brackets in all the text, just in text which is between parenthesis.


It’s unclear whether this bracket-within-parentheses is considered as acceptable practice within your discipline or publication guidelines.  Also, from the sample sentence other formatting options might be available such as: 1) footnoting the parenthetical material, or 2) removing the parentheses then placing an in-text citation. 

But, if the bracket-within-parentheses is acceptable practice, the solution is to first insert the citation within the parenthetical phrase. Then edit the citation to to Exclude Author as well as Exclude Year which will leave only the parenthetical content. Finally,  type-in the bracketed content: [Jones, 2000]

Thanks for your answer. That will do the trick.

I think it is a lot easier than hiding the author year.  Just put  Paris, France [ in the prefix and  the trailing square bracket in the suffix.  (assuming you are using the default curly brackets for EndNote’s delimiters). 

Yes, thanks that will also do.