Endnote Ipad attachment deletion


I have a product suggestion for the Endnote Ipad app.

At the moment I can download pdf’s stored remotely on Endnote web onto my ipad to be read.

However, if I delete the pdf from the ipad (to save space) it also deletes the pdf from Endnote web.

Is there a way to change the app so it deletes the pdf locally from the ipad app without it affecting what happens remotely on Endnote web or my desktop?

It’s really frustrating otherwise as I have to re-attach the pdf’s.

However, I should add that I really life the app, (although I should add that I think the pdf viewer isn’t as good as Goodreader).

Many thanks

Nick Walsh


We are working on improving the file attachement handling for the iPad app. The current design was choosed specifically to minimize the possibility of filling up the physical memory on iPad devices. Unless you have tons of apps installed on your iPad, you should not really need to worry about EndNote filling up your memory. The app currently has a maximum of a 100MB cache. Meaning that PDF file attachements you “download on demand” (by clicking on the thumbnail within the app) will never take up more than 100MB of space on your device. The app itself is only about 26 MB (much smaller than many other productivity apps). So, overall EndNote should not really be taking up too much space on your iPad. We could still add an explicity “clear cache” button which we might do in the future.

As for PDF annotation, yes as a dedicated PDF-annotation app, Goodreader is more full-featured than EndNote. Improving and expanding the PDF annotation capabilites are the top priority for improvements to the app this year and we are currently working in this.

Thanks for the feedback.

Jason Rollins, The EndNote team


Thanks, so just to clarify. What happens if I reach the maximum 100mb available in the cache, does it automatically remove stored pdf’s? Or rather I can’t add any more.

Many thanks for your quick reply.



The app checks the file attachement cache on launch. If over 100MB, the app automatically clears space - you do not need to do anything and will not be prevented from downloading more files.

Also, if you download a file attachement and then make it a “favorite” by clicking hte heart icon, these file will stay on your iPad and, if you make amny favorites, the app will allow you to go over the 100MB cache.

So, since you are interested in conserving memory on your device, I recommend NOT making records with PDF file attachements favorites in your EndNote iPad app. You can always download any of your PDF file attachments and they will be availble locally very quickly.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


I have 8500 references and most have PDFs.  the cache will fill very quickly.  I find the IOS EndNote stops downloading references at about 500 references. 

Why does it stop downloading?

Is there a way to download the all the references, which does not take very much space, but leave the attachments to download as needed?

My iPhone has 256GB, which will easily hold all my attachments according to the statistics of my library.  Can override the 100MB limit and download all, to remain on the phone offline?  Thanks