Access date for webpages not showing in CWYW Chicago 16 Footnote

Hello All,

when using CWYW, the acess date for webpages is not displayed. Looking around, it seems like it should be so I want to avoid tampering with the output style if it is just some setting that is not correct.  Pcitures below that show what I am doing. Any hints much appreciated!

All the best, Franziska

Word for Mac 15.41

Mac OS High Sierra


Chicago 16th Footnote

The access date isn’t displayed because the field “Access Date” is missing from the Endnote output style’s bibliography template. You will need to edit the output style’s Web Page bibliography template to include the Access Date field. However, the access date data seems incomplete – is the information correct? Should the Access Year data be used instead?

How should the correct webpage bibliography reference be displayed? Otherwise, refer to the EndNote X7 Style Editing Guide.